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What's Inside The Book?

This isn't just any book... It's a step by step guide to take you from knowing nothing about bitcoin or even consulting and then building your own Bitcoin Consulting Business...

Building Your Foundation

Even if you know nothing about Bitcoin... (Bonus if you're already a Bitcoin fanatic) This book will show you exactly where and how to get the education you need to start consulting others on Bitcoin and getting paid to do it!

Becoming A Bitcoin Consultant

Look, you don't need some fancy degree or background to be a consultant. All you have to do is be able to solve someone's problem and deliver enough value that they will pay you to do so... In this book I outline exactly how to structure your business, your offers how to sell your services and how to conduct your consulting sessions...

How To Build And Scale Your Business

Consulting is the fastest way to get started in a business in my experience. I remember when I was fresh out of college and I was consulting billion dollar oil and gas companies on how to run their oil fields... But the problem is that consulting often requires your time and in certain niches can put an upper limit on your finances and time... And that's why I outline exactly how you can scale your business without spending more time in the business and still delivering amazing results to your clients.

Grab Your FREE Copy Of "The Bitcoin Business Accelerator"

Discover How To Start & Grow A Bitcoin Consulting Business In 30 Days Or Less Even If You're Never Bought Bitcoin Before Today!